Saturday, June 26, 2010

What she wants?

To be frank, I always try to do things the way she likes them to be done. Though I am pretty confident that I can continue to do this, the challenge lies in the fact that her preferences keeps on changing. Sometimes she likes to cared, sometimes she prefers to be let alone and sometimes she wants me to be angry at her. The only other behavior, apart from her's, which I couldn't decode till date is that of rickshaw drivers in Mumbai city. Both have their own way of making decisions. But while I enjoy her behavior I hate the way rickshaws run in Mumbai.

I believe she also likes me to keep guessing and not be sure about her preferences at any point of time. If we think about it, anything predictable gets boring as time passes. So I prefer that her expectations and preferences remain as elusive as possible. May be anything or anyone who is predictable doesn't deserve to be loved. I hope an element of unpredictability remains in our relation forever.

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