Friday, June 11, 2010

Fatso to Macho; An Attempt in Vain

Like they say in all those Bollywood movies, I still remember the day I first saw her like yesterday. But let us first talk about me. I was a typical fatso with interests only in food & wrestling. Getting attention from opposite sex was least of my concern. If you had asked me I would have said that creating Eve from Adam’s rib was one of the biggest mistakes anybody has ever committed (no offence Almighty!). Girls always used to be a disturbance. They don’t like wrestling (those days were different), they don’t play card games and they study too much and ask too many doubts. Chances of I falling for one of those was less than our Prime Minister becoming a Hollywood action hero (stupid joke).

But who can stop fate. It happened. I saw her for the first time, God’s masterpiece. I will keep it short, she was everything ever said by anybody about his lover. And then everything changed. I will give you a glimpse of the changes which happened to me after she came into my life (read after I became mad about her, she didn’t know a thing). I reduced my weight by 20 kilograms (good achievement for an 8th standard, isn’t it?). For the entire year I never wore the same pair of clothes more than once (she didn’t even know that I exist; loser!!).

The list of my atrocious strategic moves doesn't end there. I ended up treating the entire batch more than once so that I can buy her a chocolate. I followed her to every damn tuition in the town. I fought with a moron over her and the thought of the punch he gave on my back still makes me shiver. What more, my attempts to talk to her always ended up in rumors that I'm after her best friend's sister. Ain't I pathetic?

I was a batch topper and staunchly believed that my charm & enviable looks (how blind one can be) will one day make her fall in love with me. Four year passed by; except few pathetic attempts to talk to her and impress her (flawlessly illogical attempts people would say) nothing much happened. All these time I kept on wondering why is it so difficult to talk to one you love the most. Yet the 'sour grapes' effect which happened to many of my friends in similar situation didn't happen to me. After completion of 12th I heard she joined for Medicine in some school. I continued my life in a stupid engineering college where I continued to struggle with my plans (none of them ever come through the planning stage) to get in touch with her. But that isn't all. We are getting married in January 2011. If you want to read the rest of my story you have wait for my next post. Wish me luck for the first post.

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  1. good luck for the contest.
    it makes for a nice read

  2. congratulations!!!

  3. Thank you Shanka...I also enjoyed writing it down...

  4. Simply amazingly written :) All the best buddy :)

    Way to go >>>>>

  5. The words inside the brackets add more spice to the post... it gives taste to the post and hope to the readers... like me... :) And.. Congratulations Macho...