Monday, July 12, 2010

Tom and Jerry...A case of unwarranted stupidity

Before going into details of how we are finally together I thought I will share with you details of some of the awesome experiences (only way to cover up the fact that I was utterly foolish) mentioned in the last post. Today I will speak about the fight I had with one of my classmates over her. Not exactly over her but a picture of her...err...Not exactly a picture of her but over the rights to give her a copy of her picture which was taken and developed by somebody else...Yes dear friends the grand fight was over who will pass on a picture of her taken during a picnic (I wish God had made me more sane).

Scene 1: Day 1. A famous studio in town. Most of my batch mates are present in the studio. All of them are busy with getting copies of their favorite pictures from the trip. But yours faithfully has a totally different game plan in mind. Yes my dear friends I have already won half the battle. She asked me whether I can get her a copy of a picture taken by some loser. God is great. Alas, the problem is the person who took the picture and hence owns the intellectual property for it is also a big fan of my girl (I told you she is very pretty, didn't I). So now the hurdle is how to get a copy of it from him. I thought the best option is to be sincere and to have no secrets (Truth is I couldn't think of anything else :)). I approached him and told him that the girl needs a copy of the picture he has taken. So please make an extra copy of it. He ordered for the copy, person at counter said it will take 1 day (to both of us) & I said thank you and left.

Scene 2: Day 2. Yours faithfully is in the studio before one hour of the scheduled time for accepting the photograph. You guys know that I'm not the kind of person who will go one hour early to collect a photograph for a girl. I'm a batch topper and I value my time a lot. It is just that I happened to pass by and thought I will drop in and collect the photograph if it is ready. Half an hour passed, the photograph was almost ready and here turns up my classmate. I did warn myself that he is at least twice as heavy as I and in a direct combat I don't stand a chance. I grabbed the photograph from the person at the studio, but I was not quick enough, my classmate got his hand on to it. Now here I am standing with one hand on the photograph and other on the knob of the exit door. He was saying something but I didn't wait to listen to it. I pulled the photograph out of his grasp and ran (Thank God, I paid for it well in advance, otherwise circumstances would have made me a thief).

Scene 3: In the classroom. I ran straight from the studio to classroom and handed over the photograph to her. She didn't notice that I was gasping for breath, paid me, said thank you and left. Now I was left to fate. He did turn up 10 minutes later, furious and worried. First hour of class had already started. The entire hour I was thinking of how to get out the misery of being bashed by a moron in front of the entire class and especially in front of her. Bell rang and I was ready to run out of the class as soon as the teacher leaves the class room. Alas, he was too smart for me. He blocked the exit before I could reach there. I stood at the center of the class in despair and he was running towards me screaming at me. After few seconds I regained presence and started running to escape from his clasp. We ran like that for sometime through the entire classroom (It was exactly like the Tom & Jerry cartoon!!! unfortunately I was Jerry in this case). Finally I gave up, he grabbed me with his left hand and gave me a solid punch on my back with his other hand. The entire class stood still. For one week my back was aching....

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  1. oooh that hurt ... but hey forget the punch DID the girl come talk to you ANYTHING after all you did it for her.. hope she realised it he he he he

    all the best for the contest